Vanessa Phelps

Fashion Junkie, Photographer, Stylist

I love making women feel beautiful. Any free time I have I enjoy spending lost in a good book. I have 5 kids, a dog named Fluffy (that I didn’t want) and a cat named Leia (that I didn’t want either…darn kids).

Born and raised in San Diego, I now find myself soaking up the quiet of the country in Oklahoma. I discovered my love for fashion when I was a young girl and would sneak into my mom’s ginormous closet thinking she would never notice something was missing…she always did.

I remember losing myself in old Audry Hepburn movies wanting to be every bit as captivating, and when I realized what captivated me about her was her style, I was hooked. In second grade we took a personality test that was supposed to tell us what we would be when we grew up, I got Fashion Designer.

At nine years old I found a copy of one of my sister’s Allure magazines and spent the entire afternoon flipping through those pages over and over again, thinking about what I would change about this dress or what I would add to this top. I even set up a desk in my room and pretended to be this big shot fashion editor, creating layouts for my upcoming fashion magazine. I had unwrapped a gift I never even knew I had.

Growing up, I had no interest whatsoever in school. All day long I would think about coming home so I can put a new look together, and would even sneak a copy of Allure into class and pretend I was reading the textbook assignments. When I graduated from high school, my mom and I took a tour of FIDM and I was the most elated I had ever been. Until we found out how much it would cost and, as a single mother, she just couldn’t do it.

I gave up on my dream of becoming a fashion stylist after that and climbed the corporate ladder instead. When I met my husband, he saw that fashion fire still burning and encouraged me not to give up on that dream. He saw how excited I would get when I would talk about designs and watched me rip page after page out of magazines to put in my own look book I had created for my own wardrobe.

Being that we had 5 kids, I couldn’t just take off to New York for a few years to attend FIDM, but that didn’t mean I had to stop pursuing my passion. I decided to start blogging about my inspired looks from some of my favorite¬†TV shows, movies, and fashion magazines.

And from that, Pretty Little Labels was born.